What is the most expensive Palm Tree? (& Is it a Real Investment?)

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What is the most expensive Palm Tree? Palm trees can be under budget and easily available to be very expensive and scarce. The palm trees are all about the beauty and elegance they provide to the spot where they grow. There are a lot of varieties of palm trees. The expensiveness of a palm tree is due to its uniqueness and scarcity. There are many underlying reasons though which I will reveal in this article.

What is the most expensive Palm Tree?

The answer is the Coco De Mer palm tree, it is not a coconut tree but a palm tree only. The palm tree is all shades of luxury. The palm tree is not that easy to grow as well like ‘you need to pay the price to have, huge price! Is it really worth it!? That you will get to know below. The coco de Mer palm tree’s cost is between $300 to $9000, as the palm tree is not easily available and mostly grows naturally in the islands of Seychelles. The two islands were Praslin and Curieuse.

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Why the name Coco de Mer for a palm tree?

This was the first question that came to my mind when I heard of this expensive palm tree. Why Coco de Mer? The story behind it is that the nuts used to be seen floating in the ocean that was carried by the ocean currents and brought to far shores like that of Maldives. The tree was not known to many so people took it as coconuts that look rare and exceptional, so it got its name from such unusual qualities.

Characteristics of Coco de Mer palm tree 

Coco de Mer palm trees, scientifically known as Lodoicea maldivica, have the Arecaecea family and are the endemic plants that are native to Africa. They are also called double coconuts due to the twin look they give which seems like two coconuts are attached to each other. Coco de Mer palm trees have fruits that are heavy and 95 pounds in weight and the seeds weigh 40 pounds. They get up to a height of 25 to 34 meters,  leaves are about 7-10 meters in length and 4.5 meters in width. 

Coco de Mer is dioecious and male and female flowers are on different plants. The flowers are large-sized spikes that are fleshy. The seeds of Coco de Mer palm trees are the largest in the world. The female palm trees are the largest of most palms. 

Why is Coco de Mer so expensive?

The Coco de Mer palm tree is an endangered species that is not present everywhere. They are unique palm trees that are endemic to the Seychelles island which is enough to make them expensive. They can be bought with a license and not so many Coco de Mer palm trees are in the world. You have to pay its worth. They are considered botanical icons as they have exaggerated features like the 30 feet tall fronds, their 82-120 feet length, and the flowering that takes times of years. 

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Why is Coco de Mer called the forbidden fruit? 

The Coco de Mer palm tree nuts when discovered, hardly anyone had a clue where they came from. They used to wash off via ocean currents to the shores. The nut with rare features and outlook. The nuts were hollow and sterile as they reached the shores. The nuts were also called Maldives coconut as no one knew their history and they were in the Maldives. 

What is Coco de Mer used for? 

There are many traditional and Chinese uses of Coco de Mer. The coco de Mer seed alone is of large size and can be used for decorating purposes or eye-striking ornament. The Coco de Mer is also known traditionally and for a long time in the medicinal field for making ayurvedic drugs. The Coco de Mer is also known for making soup taste enhancers. The outer covering of Coco de Mer is used to make ropes, bowls, hats, mats, and musical instruments. Many tribal people use it in making vessels. The Coco de Mer plants have healing benefits that can remove toxicity. 

Some more palm trees that have high price 

  • Pygmy date palm 
  • Senegal date palm 
  • Foxtail palm tree 
  • Old man palm tree 
  • Costa farm majesty palm 
  • Nearly natural paradise palm


Wrapping up the context

We hope you like the information in the article regarding the most expensive palm tree in the world. In the beginning, we were also curious about knowing the expensive palm trees as beginners. The Coco de Mer palm trees are interesting palm trees and are legends in themselves. We hope you find this article useful as we are happy to help and give answers to your questions. Happy curiosity! 

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Can I make money selling palm trees? 

Palm trees are attractive trees that are bought by many people to bring luxury and beauty to the house. The palm trees can be sold and make hundreds and thousands of dollars from them. 

What does a palm tree symbolize? 

The palm trees indicate peace, victory, and immortality according to Egyptian mythology. Palm trees are also considered sacred in many countries. 

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