What is the best time to Spray Dandelions and When is it too late?

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What is the best time to Spray Dandelions and When is it too late? Though the dandelions are pretty little plants, a gardener wouldn’t want them in such an unwanted way, as they are not hard to control. The dandelions have the ability to produce a large number of seeds like 10000-15000 seeds that can easily be blown away by the wind, and get sprouted on the ground. Spraying the dandelions still doesn’t work until it is the right time to spray them for the herbicide to work efficiently. Do you know if you spray them too late then the dandelions will not get affected by the killer and keep on growing? 

What is the best time to Spray Dandelions and When is it too late?

When is the right time to spray the dandelions? 

Talking about the right time, that is the fall season, and before the seed is germinated. Actually, the winter time is the time when the dandelions use the stored food which they collected in the fall season by shedding the leaves so that water and food can be conserved for the harsh time. Spraying in this time will affect the dandelions most as the chemical will react to the roots too with the sugars and kill the rot. The plant is easily killed if the roots are killed. 

When is it too late to spray the dandelions? 

The too late time is when the dandelions have grown properly and during the time of winters and spring season. A plant that is already dormant can not be affected by external factors that much. Springtime is again the time when the plant is well-rooted and regrown well. 

You can also spray dandelions when the dandelions are young in the stage of two to three leaves. The young dandelions are very active yet tender responding well with herbicide as the roots are not that tall as they usually are like 5-10 inches deep root, which is hard to kill. 

When to spray the dandelions? 

The right time to spray dandelions is before the plant releases the seeds or forms the seeds, as the seeds can spread easily and sprout on the moist soil quite easily. So just after the blooming time, spray the pesticide on the dandelions.

What is the best time to spray dandelions? 

The dandelions when they are in the young stage, like the seedling stage, are most affected by the herbicide. The weeds and dandelions can be sprayed in all seasons, in case the month would be October to mid-November. The motive is to not let the plant get to the flowering stage, otherwise, the seeds will germinate and further copies of dandelions will be produced which will elevate the headache. 

We spray the dandelion with the killer and wait for the spray to get transferred with the sugars from the leaves to the roots. The wintertime makes these plants dormant and utterly slow leading to them and they respond very less to the external stimulus or conditions. The plant tries to store the sugars by removing the leaves and transferring the sugar to the roots. Spraying the plant with a killer in this time will spread the chemical to the roots with sugars and kill the roots and ultimately will kill the dandelions. 

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The dandelions encourage the growth of weeds indirectly so it’s important to control the growth of dandelions or their population. The weeds compete with the other plants for food and make it difficult for them to grow healthily. 

What temperature is suitable to spray Dandelion?

The temperature plays a great role for the herbicide to act better on the dandelions. If the temperature is above 60 degrees Fahrenheit, we suggest you spray the plant with the herbicide as the dandelions are active. A temperature that is more than 60 degrees makes the dandelions active and they will absorb the herbicide better and get killed. It is important that you keep the dandelion away from water spray or water drops which can wash off the herbicide. Also, avoid spraying the herbicide in the string sunlight which can easily evaporate the herbicide drop or solution spread over the plants. 

Should I spray dandelions after mowing or before mowing? 

The thin and young foliage can easily get in contact with the spray than the other thick foliage. Also, the surface area should not be that small. The mowing should not be done any days before spraying the herbicide or weed killer, for at least 5 days. 

When you spray the killer then give the leaves at least a day so that the chemical gets absorbed well into the sap. Also, don’t mow the plant for another two to three days. 

Can you spray dandelions after it rains? 

The broadleaf’s weed foliage has an excess of moisture after the rain, the same goes for the surroundings. When you spray the dandelions after rain, the effect is seen less due to high humidity. The dandelion leaves have a lot of moisture already which can dilute the chemicals. The weed killer can also easily wash off due to rain drops. 


What kills dandelions permanently? 

Killing the roots of dandelions will kill the dandelions permanently. The herbicide should be sprayed in the fall season when the carbohydrates are transported from leaves to the roots with which spray also reaches to roots and kills the roots. 

What is the best dandelion killer? 

Scotts Turf Builder Triple Action is the best overall dandelion killer. 

Why is my lawn full of dandelions? 

The dandelions grow effortlessly in acidic soil and have a low content of nutrients in the soil. With their population growing the acidic level in the soil decreases, accompanied by the growth of grass around the dandelions. 

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