What is Pear Apple Hybrid or Papple fruit? – Latest Hybrid Fruit Papple, Apple-Pear fruit

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What is Pear Apple Hybrid or Papple fruit? - Latest Hybrid Fruit Papple, Apple-Pear fruit

What is a Papple fruit?

Papple– Looking like an apple tasting like a pear, is a cross between Chinese and Japanese pears. With a red-orange blush on a yellow background, it has a crispy skin, juicy texture, and a mild sweet tropical flavor. “Papple” name was given by the retailer Marks and Spencer. These pear apple hybrids are round structured, which confuses a lot of people while still staying interesting and yummy to them. Some people have said that papple looks a lot more like an Asian pear, resembling the “pineberries” of 2010 (that are similar to the fruits strawberries and pineapple). 

Characteristics of Papple fruit

Size: small to medium 

Shape: round to conical with a brown short stem 

Family: rosacea

Variety: PremP109

Why was Papple generated?

The efforts for creating papple were done to bring the versatile storage capabilities in fruit, not just this but also the appealing outlook of fruit, that makes a mouth watery just by looking at it. The papple is now world-famous and is exported to many countries so that they can enjoy this fruit as the native people do. In Singapore it has attained the name of “sunshine pear”, isn’t it sweet!?

Nutrients available

The papple is enriched with fibers, vitamin c, and some antioxidants.

Benefits of papple fruit

  • Can be eaten raw, and pear apple hybrid can be eaten just after they develop right away. No extra patience is required to get them ripe. Though ripened fruit will get juicier. You can enjoy it either way.
  • Papple can be used as a healthy snack, in the salads to make them extra juicy.
  • Sandwiches, pasta, pizzas, eating with nuts, etc.
  • Can stay fresh for many days and is stored in the refrigerator.
  • Planters are finding people to be very productive both in money and scab-resisting ability.

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Availability of papple fruit

These fruits are available in the late springtime through the summer season (southern side of the globe) whereas the winters on the northern side of the globe.


Papple fruit was publicly sent out in 2012, to the UK where it gained too much attention and fans. It is now transported to many retailers in Asia, Europe, and America. Papple creates a lot of curiosity in the people about its appearance and taste, which makes it the star of the show.

Papple fruit recipes

Make pies, salads, sandwiches, pizza topping, accompany with the cheese, etc. 

Price of papple fruit

Usually, the price of the hybrids as decided by the authorities is $0.50 to $1. Similarly, the cost of papple fruit is approximately 1 to 1.5 pounds. 

Some final thoughts on the context

So, in this article, you understood that papple fruit is a hybrid of Chinese pear and Japanese pear. Pear apple hybrid has a good nutritional value and can be used in various recipes. A bite of papple fruit takes some unexpected pathways, where you view the fruit with a pear texture but has a crunch like an apple. You also came to know about the different names given to pear apple hybrids. I hope you all find this article worth it! Happy to help! 


Is Apple Pear genetically modified?

No! Apple pears are not genetically modified, as the apple and pear are not suitable for genetic modification or genetic fusion. They are not compatible genetically.

Can you eat the skin of a Papple?

Of course, you can eat the skin of papple fruit. Its skin is about 5.5grams. If you eat the fruit without the skin you will cut off this nutritional value from it.

Is papple the same as a nashi peer?

Having too many nicknames like Asian pear, sunshine pear, Japanese pear, papple also have a name – nashi peer

How many calories are in a papple?

The pear apple hybrids have calories of about 116, which almost provide you with 6-7% of the daily calorie intake. 

Are apple pears natural?

Apple pears, as the name is composed of two words apple and pear, seems like a hybrid but it’s natural. They are not hybrids. Papples are hybrid but apple pears are natural fruits, also called Asian pears.

Is apple-pear keto-friendly?

Low carbs favor the keto diet and apple-pear is considered one of the good options for the keto diet. Though it is advised to not include it as part of the keto diet regularly, still it has a higher amount of carbs than other keto options.

Is Asian pear good for diabetes?

Yes, they are. Asian pears are extremely yummy and can be eaten if you have diabetes. They are sweet, juicy, and nutritious, having a low glycemic index that is recommended for diabetic patients.

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