The Elusory Snake Plant Flowers – How to get your Snake Plant to Bloom?

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Do you know about Snake Plant Flowers? Yes, snake plants have flowers. Snake plants are amazing indoor plants that need less care, less water, more sunlight, and less fertilizer. They just demand fertilizer in the early growing time. Also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, snake tongue, devil’s tongue, etc. Beginners love snake plants.

The snake plants, scientifically belonging to the genus Dracaena, previously were placed in the genus Sansevieria(dominated by flowering plant varieties). Snake plants are amazing indoor plants that need less care, less water, more sunlight, and less fertilizer. They just demand fertilizer in the early growing time. Also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, snake tongue, devil’s tongue, etc. Beginners love snake plants.

Snake Plant Flowers

The leaves of snake plants make people think less about flowering. But the rare condition is that they sow flowers. They do! The flowering can occur rarely in definite conditions but indeed is possible. We will let you know how! 

Snake Plant Flowers

Snake plants flowers benefits

The flowers of the snake plant are used in many herbal remedies

Though the plant is poisonous. Snake plants eradicate complex toxins like benzene, and formaldehyde from indoor air. Seeing white, creamish, or green-colored flowers on the snake plants is just like ‘icing on a cake. 

How to get your snake plant to bloom?

Prolonged stress or a specific period of stress over the snake plant can force the snake plant to produce flowers.  Now how can you provide snake plant stressing conditions? Here are the ways:

  1. The snake plant should be pot-bound or root bound to enable flowering. Making the snake plants root bound will suffocate the roots and avoid the new stems from growing out. This will stress the plant for the survival challenge, due to which plants will flower to extend their existence by way of reproduction. Trust me! This suffocation will not be harmful to your plant. 
  1. The snake plant flowers once annually. The snake plant should be placed near an east-facing window. Between watering, the potting mix mustn’t stay damp for too long. Let it dry and then go for watering.
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  1. The direct sunlight induces flowering in snake plants. Keeping them outside will provide direct sunlight easily. For getting flowers you also need to water them less, a strong light accelerates their growth but if you do not get enough water they will try to form more seeds, thus flowering which is a method of propagation.
  1. The snake plant if not fertilized can be forced to flower. Many times people keep snake plants in shady spots because of the reason the plant is flattering the space. But, due to this, the snake plants will not bloom and you will never see them flowering.
  1. The sudden temperature change can harm the snake plant blooming process. The snake plant should be kept away from heating or cooling appliances. Don’t expose snake plants to the frosting weather. Taking them outside after the lost frost is a safe step if you want them to flower.

Give Day Light to Snake Plant

The snake plants need good sunlight and warmth to bloom white flowers. Placing them in dark zones can decrease the chances of snake plants producing flowers. Abundant heat can trigger the plant to bloom. Direct sunlight can cause blooming but make sure the duration of exposure is not prolonged. 

Water the Snake Plant

Overwatering can kill the ability of snake plants to bloom. Letting the soil get dry and leaving leaves a little thirsty for while will put the snake plant in some tension which can cause blooming 

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Temperature: The hot temperature lets the plant understand that conditions are optimum to reproduce and bloom the reproductive organs( flowers). Cold temperature brings dormancy and kills the flower 

Fertilize your snake plant

Snake plants are easy to care for, but they do need some TLC. Here’s how to fertilize your snake plant:

1. Fill a small pot with enough fresh soil to cover the roots of the snake plant.
2. Sprinkle a liberal amount of fertilizer over the soil.
3. Water the plant thoroughly and let the fertilizer seep into the soil.
4. Renew the fertilizer as needed throughout the year.

At what age does snake plant bloom?

The flowers generally are not witnessed on the fresh young plants. The mature ones are more able to bloom. And to wait for the snake plant to get mature will take too long. They are slow-growing plants. So it is good that you buy a mature snake plant if you want to see flowers. 

How long do blooms survive? 

The snake plant flowers’ survival depends on various conditions, many of which are still not known. But, by providing the plant with good light, all-purpose fertilizer for at least 3-4 months,, in the beginning,  the flowers can last up to a month and a minimum of 7 days only. After the blooming, prune the old flowers and stalk to reduce the load and enhance the look. 

FAQs: – Snake Plant Flowers

We found these questions as most asked related to snake plant flowers, further is the complete list with answers if you have any questions feel free to ask in comment section

Why is my snake plant not flowering?

Snake plants don’t flower if they don’t get enough sunlight. The plant needs good sun exposure, direct sunlight puts stress on the plant which can force the snake plant to bloom. 

Should I let my snake plant flowers? 

Snake plant flowers appear when the plant is either mature or under any stress. The flowers don’t harm the plants, it is seen that snake plants are poisonous to dogs and cats. Though the flowers are pretty and produce berries at the end of the flowering phase.

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What does it mean when snake plant flowers bloom? 

Flowers start to appear at the beginning of June. Usually, you will see the bottom flower buds being opened at the stalk.  In 14-15 days you still have many flowers blooming. In India, snake plants are seen blooming in a large number of flowers. Flowers appear to release the gluey fluid having fragrance. 

How long do snake plant flowers last

Snake plants are popular because they can grow to be quite large, and their flowers last for a long time. The average snake plant flower will last around four weeks, but there are some that can last up to eight weeks.

Are snake plants monocarpic?

Snake plants are not monocarpic, that is they don’t die after the blooming season. They instead afterward yield berries-like structure which is surprising to watch by the planters.

Are Snake Plants flowers lucky? 

Snake plants rarely flower and it is a good sight when you get to see them blooming. The snake plants are considered lucky by the fortune they bring, but more importantly, the snake plants are great indoor plants as they clean up the air and toxic contents from the air, adding oxygen to the air. 

What do Snake Plant Flowers Smell like?

The flowers smell like grass, mostly releasing the smell during the nighttime as the honeysuckle-like flowers close during the daytime. 

What snake plant flowers look like

Flower stalks appear. The pace of flowering depends on the amount of light the snake plant gets. The length of the stalk is about 1 meter and the flowers are in colors green, creamy, or white and sometimes yellow as well.

how often do snake plants flower

Snake plants are popular for their dramatic foliage, but they can also be grown as houseplants. In order to keep snake plants healthy and flowering, it is important to know when they will flower. Snake plants flower most often in the summer, but they can also flower in the spring or fall.

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