Pothos Leaves Turning Yellow – Reasons and How To Fix them!

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Why are my Pothos Leaves Turning Yellow? In this article, we will discuss the common problem that most people face with plant species which is leaves turning yellow. Here’s the solution to your problem. We will go to talk about pothos leaves turning yellow, the reasons, and how to fix them on your own. Through this content, you will get to know why it will turn yellow and how you will conquer it. 

There are various reasons behind it on which you will focus before the pothos get destroyed. Either you can preserve it or maintain its growth before or in between. When it fully gets demolished, there is a solution for that, so you only have to overcome it for the first time. Let’s dive into it. 

Hope this content will help you get out of your situation. Here we will come up with many solutions that you can fix well alone. Firstly try to overcome it by yourself with the support of this information then you can take the suggestions of others too. 

What is Pothos?

Briefing on its pothos is described as the evergreen plant with thick and waxy virtue. Its leaves rise in a heart-shaped image with thin layers of yellow color on leaves. Scientifically it is named Epipremnum Aureum. 

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You may utilize it as a climbing plant as its stems grow more and cover a wide area. It can work both in indoor and outdoor locales. When the pothos are kept outside they will reach heights and need support at that time so that their growth cannot stop. 

Types of Pothos plant:

It includes so many varieties and you can easily keep it in any container or pot.

  • Marble queen pothos
  • Neon pothos
  • Dragon tail
  • Golden pothos plant
  • Manjula 

The above-mentioned plants can easily grow inside the house and enhance the beauty of your house. It is good to locate natural evergreen plants inside the rooms which always makes you feel fresh. 

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What are the reasons behind pothos leaves turning yellow? 

It involves several purposes due to which pothos turn yellow. Turning leaves yellow makes you indicate that now you need to focus on it more and care for it every time with a proper maintenance routine. 

Improper sunlight 

The first reason for which it turns yellow may be due to the direct sunlight or too much sunshine falling on it as it requires a very less amount of sun rays. 

Inadequate water supply 

The second reason would be not giving proper water daily or giving it in excess than it needed, so you have to take care of it, regardless of how much water to be given. Everything requires proper treatment. The suggestion here is to water the pothos when the soil gets dry. 

Temperature issues 

The third reason would be because of temperature. As it requires normal temperature, not too much hot nor excess of cold. It will grow effectively in moderate temperatures. 

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Yellow colored leaves

You have identified whether it is turning yellow due to the above-mentioned reasons or the new leaves are ready to take birth, as when old leaves are about to leave the plant then also it turns yellow and new leaves are born. 

Improper fertilizer supply

The fourth reason may be because of not fertilizing it properly and not properly placing the plant at first.  


It may be due to some plant diseases like bacterial leaf spots when it looks like small holes or become smooth and the pest’s disease because of small insects. 

How to fix the yellow pothos leaves? 

The various methods or solutions regarding how to fix the pothos issue of turning yellow will be as below: 

  • Water it suitably doesn’t do anything in excess it will spoil the growth. 
  • Make sure not to be kept in direct sunshine, which may harm the leaves. 
  • The temperature should be moderate as because of excessive cold or heat it also gets damaged. 
  • Having drainage holes should be checked before planting the plant. 
  • Should understand the indication whether it is because of old age or other issues. 
  • To retain a prosperous plant and fresh formal development peel it back 2 inches from the mud line. 
  • Proper light should be there and the required amount of nutrients are getting. If you locate it in your room on the darker side, change the location of your plant. Keep it close to your window.  

The plant only looks good when it is fresh, full of greenery, not the brown hard leaves, healthy, and makes you feel happy. Hope you will agree with this statement.

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Concluding lines

In this guide, you come to know that There are various reasons behind it on which you will focus before the pothos get destroyed. Either you can preserve it or maintain its growth before or in between. When it fully gets demolished, there is a solution for that, so you only have to overcome it for the first time. Keep in mind that the pot in which it is kept should hole below it so that water gets passed away and air should cross from it. If the process of drainage is not working conveniently then add some mixture of sand or coco coir to the soil. Read the guide fully to understand it. 


Can Pothos turn green again?

Yes, the pothos can turn green again after becoming brown or yellow. 

Why is my pothos plant dying?

Your pothos plant is dying because of many reasons. A few reasons behind this can be the overwatering of the plant, inadequate sunlight, yellow leaves, curly leaves, etc. 

What does Pothos look like when they are healthy?

The pothos plant will seem 10 feet long when it is healthy. The leaves of this plant seem to be brown or easy. 

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