Meyer Lemon Tree Problems and their Solutions

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In this article, we will be discussing Meyer Lemon Tree Problems and their Solutions. Meyer lemon trees scientifically known as citrus x meyeri are amazing citrus hybrids that are made by the cross between mandarin oranges and a citron. The Meyer lemons are known for their small circular size which is not comparable to regular lemons. They have more tang and less acidity in the juice. The Meyer lemon trees are evergreen trees with dark green leaves. They thrive well in sandy soil and have good drainage. It is vital to keep an eye on the problems of the Meyer lemon tree and solutions related to the problems.

Meyer Lemon Tree Problems and their Solutions

The Meyer lemon trees are sensitive citrus trees and get affected due to sudden changes. Here are the problems with the Meyer lemon tree that you need to know.

1. Chlorosis on Meyer lemon leaves

Chlorosis in the Meyer lemon tree is caused due to reasons like iron deficiency, overwatering, drought-like conditions, lack of chlorophyll, and deficiency of nitrogen. The yellow-colored leaves start to appear. With time the leaves will fall off after hunting the dullness. 


Check on the moisture content in the soil then go watering the Meyer lemon trees. The Meyer lemon trees need to be fertilized with NPK source fertilizer. 

2. Overwatered Meyer lemon

The Meyer lemon tree gets easily overwatered and the tree starts to show yellow leaves. The Meyer lemon tree gets moist soil that is not well drained then there are chances that the roots will get affected and so does the tree. Even the veins of leaves will show a yellow color. Overwatered soil makes the roots suffocate and lead to nutrient deficiency as well.

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The error could be lying in the pot size which is making the roots unable to absorb the nutrients and water properly. Whether it is ground or pot, make sure the drainage is good. Drainage holes should be in good numbers in the pot. Repot the Meyer we lemon tree if the soil is looking too mushy. Water the lemon tree one or two times in 7 days.

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3. Lack of nutrients

The Meyer lemon tree needs a good amount of nutrients. The scarcity of any macronutrients can lead to problems for the Meyer lemon tree. The problems can be brown leaves, poor quality of fruits, hindered growth, etc. it happens when the drainage of soil is not well or fertilization is not done right.

The following nutrients deficiencies and the problems they will cause:

Iron deficiency

The iron deficiency in the soil leads to the yellowing of leaves and the veins turn brown or yellow in color.

Nitrogen deficiency

Nitrogen deficiency causes the Meyer lemon tree to produce low-quality fruits and the tree shows stunted growth with the falling of leaves that are at the base of leaves.

Zinc deficiency

The tender new growths are turning yellow then the plants if deficient in zinc nutrients.


The fertilizer should contain a good amount of nitrogen or use a slow-release all-purpose fertilizer in the soil during the early growing season of the Meyer lemon tree. Whether they are indoor or outdoor, fertilize them equally. During the spring season make sure to fertilize the Meyer lemon tree once a month.

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4. Diseases

Viral diseases

Citrus tristeza – deadly disease, thinning leaves, and falling. Roots die as well


Though the disease has spread severely then the plant cannot be saved. The plant needs to be sprayed with effective Citrus tristeza-free material or with insecticide on the plant parts. 

Fungal diseases

Greasy spot – the spots appear on the leaves making them toxic. The fruit specks are another issue.


Use a copper spray on the leaves that are yet healthy and can grow well. The infected leaves need to be removed and destroyed or thrown far away. 


Dark spots on the leaves, twigs, and lemons can be cases of anthracnose. The lesions first appeared on the leaves and then turned to dark spots with brown outlines looking like healing bruises. Later they turn black in color. 


Keep the surroundings of the Meyer lemon tree hygienic and remove the weeds if any. Cut the affected twigs and leaves. 

Botrytis blight

The botrytis blight can be identified by the fuzzy mold growth and dark spots on the leaves, lemons, branches, etc. the fungus needs little moisture and warmth to grow and spread. 


The Meyer lemon tree should be given a good amount of bright sunlight. The Meyer lemons should be kept clean and the surroundings hygienic. Remove the dead parts and destroy them. 

5. Bacterial diseases

Citrus canker

Yellow halo lesions on fruit twigs are seen. The leaves also show halo ring spots. The leaves start to fall afterward and fruits fall off.

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Citrus blast

The disease is usually seen after the furious winds. The fruits start to show spots and scabs appear on the tree.

6. Pests

All the above reasons can make the Meyer lemon trees weak and under stress can even kill the lemon tree. The stressed plants very easily get attacked by pests. Pests like aphids, thrips, mites, and mealybugs are the pests that arm the Meyer lemon trees. If you see the pest on Meyer lemon tree that means the trees are facing some stress and need your help of yours. 


The pests can be removed by using an insecticidal soap solution on the Meyer lemon tree. Use neem oil if you want to kill the pests. Remove the parts that are highly colonized with pests like aphids. Spraying the water jet on the affected part will also help aphids to be thrown far away. 


How do I know if my lemon tree has a disease? 

The fruits of the lemon trees are sotted if they are diseased. The leaves look dry, and patchy as well. Fungal infections are a common issue in lemon trees that are under stress. The soil should be well drained and moist. Avoid watering during rainy times. 

How do you bring a Meyer lemon tree back to life? 

To bring back the affected lemon tree make sure you give the tree a good amount of sunlight, the soil is well moist and drained, fertilized well, and kept away from pests and disease. The proper care is what helps the Meyer lemon tree to revive better. 

What is the best fertilizer for Meyer lemon trees? 

The fertilizer used in the proportion of 6-6-6-2 having a light concentration of the elements is the best suited to the Meyer lemon trees. 

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