Do Deer Eat Carrots? (10+ Tips to keep them away from your Garden)

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Do Deer Eat Carrots? Let us know further in this article. When you see that your plants are losing their leaves, blossoms, or half-eaten yields then you may be wondering about who eats them. Without a doubt, animals love fresh yields like humans, so there you know now. So let us know if the deer is one of those animals that also loves fresh yields of Carrots!

Okay! Deers love carrots. They eat carrots like they have never eaten them before and were dying to have one. The carrots are delicious vegetables that deers cannot ignore and will eat no matter what. But, that’s not it. There are a lot of things you need to know regarding this topic. You will see that below and realize how important it was to know. So sit back as all your worries are going to be solved here regarding the deers eating carrots and how to keep them away. 

By the way, do deer eat carrot plants? Do deer eat carrot tops? Come let us know! 

Do deer eat carrots? 

You know already deer eat carrots and they love them. The carrots have a sugary juicy flavor when chewed do deers like to eat them. If your house is facing the woods or near the forests where you enjoy looking at deer, you also need to get worried about the carrots that can be the snack of many deer by the night or when you are not there.

What deers eat in carrots? 

There is confusion. Will the deers eat the entire carrot plants? The answer is yes! The deers will not leave even a sign of carrot plants. I mean they eat the whole carrot whether it is above the ground or below the ground. The carrot tops are also finished by the deers. The stems, stalks, and even the raw carrots are eaten by the deers. 

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Why do deers eat carrots?

Carrots can be a yummy and healthy snack for the deers. It’s seen that deer like to eat carrots even more during the winter month. With all that crunch and sugary flavor, the deers enjoy eating the carrots. Carrots provide some good supplements like fibers, vitamin k, potassium, carotene(beta), and antioxidants to the deer in cold times. 

The bright orange color of the carrots attracts the deers though they don’t have a particular smell that will bring the deers close to them. 

What deers like carrots?

The deers that are mostly seen eating carrots are mule deers, fallow deers, hog deers, white-tailed deers, caribou, red brocket, and northern pudu. Though there can be more, re-popular are those that eat the whole of the carrots in your garden and you need to beware of. 

What carrots deers don’t like?

Did you know that all carrots are not eaten by the deers? Some carrots are ignored by the deers. You can decide to plant them to not bother to think about deers eating them. You can also plant them with the regular carrot plants so that the deers don’t move further after noticing the carrots they don’t eat and your actual sweet carrots stay safe. 

Water hemlock, wild parsnip, giant hogweed, and cow parsnip are carrots that deers do not prefer to eat. 

What are the signs that show deers are eating carrot plants?

The deers when eating carrots very easily digest them, so there are chances that they have pooped near the plant that will look piled up more similar to the rabbit feces. The leaves will look chewed with big bites near the stalk of the leaves. Look for the footprints called hoofprints of the deers, that will show the movements of deer and even from where they usually enter the gardenPlants and vegetables look all messed up and flattened with carrots all gone. 

Best Tips to Keep Deers Away From Garden


Fencing around the garden will help keep the deer away from the carrots. The fences of 7-9 feet are considered to be ideal as the deers find them hard to jump. But anyhow the deers can manage to jump over these genes. So installing electric fences around the house or backyard will solve the issue. 

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Deer netting is another possible way that you can do to keep the deer away. Make sure that the top of the nets is covered otherwise they will stretch their neck and eat the top of the plants, the net should not have that many big holes again they will get their mouths inside and eat the plants. 

Deer repellent spray

The deer repellent sprays are used to deter the deers away from the plants. The spray smells more like rotten eggs, garlic, and cloves and will smell gross though but surely repel the deers. The deers get alert after smelling such a decaying smell. They quickly run away from the garden.

Motion-activated sprinkler

The motion-activated sprinklers are the smart way to get rid of deers. These sense the motion of deers and make loud noises. Deers are also afraid of fast movement and quickly run away after being scared of the movements. 

Deer repelling plants 

You can plant some plants near the carrot plants that will not harm the carrot plants but have a strong fragrance that will keep the deers at bay. The plants like herbs, lettuce, onions, etc can be grown with the carrot plants. This is called companion planting.

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Using soap

The soaps are not much like by deers. The strong fragrances are usually avoided by the deers. Using spring Irish soaps near the plants by placing them or putting them in stockings and hanging them proved beneficial in deterring the deers. 


The wiring or thorny branches can be used to create a boundary for the plants. The sharp edges wires can be placed horizontally on the ground or even on the walls so that deers stay away from the carrots.


Radios in the garden that are playing with some loud music can also make the deers feel there is activity going on or human involvement is there. The loud music also hints to the deers that something is suspicious and danger is nearby.

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Keeping the pet in the garden

The dogs can be tied in the garden and pets can be an effective way to keep the deers away from the garden, even during the nights. The dogs will bark when they see the deers and you will get to know about the deers. The loud barks of dogs will also scare them and dewars will quickly run for their lives. 


Creating the various levels on the ground can somehow repel the deers from the ground. The shredded woods or stacked chopped woods, sunken beds, and uphills can confuse the deers about the fruit being too far. So they avoid doing that and move back. This method is not completely reliable. You can go for the above options too for good results. 

Concluding the context:

The deers eat like any plant and even the plant parts. They also like to eat flowers, vegetables, fruits, etc. the garden can be easily destroyed by this voracious eater as they graze about 7 to 8 percent of their body weight in a day. So it’s better to be aware of the methods that can deter the deers and keep the pants safe from eating up. Happy planting!


Will carrots grow if tops are eaten?

The carrot’s top has been cut off, the carrots will take a lot of time to grow. The chances are that they will not regrow and foliage growth might be seen. 

What smell do deer hate the most?

The strong aromas and the rotting smells are usually hated by the deers. The smells of clove, garlic, mint, lavender, sage, rosemary, thyme, oregano, etc act as a repellent for the deers. 

Will deer eat old carrots?

The deers eat the whole of the carrots whether the tops, leaves, vegetables, fruits, stems, etc. deers love the juicy and sugary flavor of carrots. The old carrots are also eaten by the deers. 

Do deer eat carrots in winter?

The carrots are usually grown well in the cold seasons, and fall, and then the deers also hope to eat some carrots. The more large and juicy the carrots are, the more the deers will love to eat them.

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