What are Bat Nuts? – Is bat nut edible? What are the benefits of bat nuts(Water Chestnuts)

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Folks, do you know about the bat nuts or water chestnuts? Have you ever heard their name? You will come to know about them in this article. Water chestnut, also known as Chinese water chestnut, is a grass-like plant native to Asian countries such as China, India, the Philippines, and Japan.  Do you know why people call it buffalo nut? It is so it attains the shape of the head of buffalo. Oh! sounds amazing. Of course, it is. 

Let us know are bat nuts edible and we will be understanding their benefits in detail. Let us get started.

What are Bat nuts?

Water chestnuts are a floating annual aquatic plant that is hard and is also known as  Bat nuts as they tend to have black color and shape. Do you know why people call it buffalo nut? It is so it attains the shape of the head of buffalo. Sounds amazing right? You can find them in the market or you can buy them online. They have a very distinctive smell as they grow in water. 

They are crunchy and two and a half inches wide and tall.  This fruit is eaten by most people during the celebration of the mid-autumn festival. You can eat them by boiling them or you can peel them off and eat them. Do you know why people eat them during this mid-autumn festival? Is so Chinese people call the bat “foo” which means luck, so people eat them during this season so that they can bring some luck to you. 

Are there any benefits of bat nuts?

There are various benefits of bat nuts which will be stated below in detail: 

It helps in adding the Nutritional value

What do you think of bat nuts as a source of nutrition? Water chestnuts are a great source of fiber that helps in providing 12% for women and 8% for men. Studies have shown that eating more fiber can help the lower blood cholesterol of an individual. It adds nutritional value to an individual and keeps him fit. 

It improves the digestive health

We all need to maintain our health. Water chestnuts are rich in fiber, which helps the body digest food more efficiently. Fiber also absorbs water, which softens stool and allows it to pass more smoothly. Fiber aids digestion by helping food pass through the colon. 

It tends to Stable the blood pressure

Do you think bat nuts help in stabilizing the blood pressure? Studies have found that people who consume high amounts of potassium have a significantly lower risk of stroke and high blood pressure. The potassium in water chestnuts may reduce the risk of stroke and high blood pressure, both of which have been linked to heart disease. 

It helps in preventing the cancer 

Water chestnuts are very high in the antioxidant ferulic acid. The presence of this antioxidant guarantees that the flesh of water chestnuts remains crisp even after cooking. Scientists discovered that treating cancerous cells with phenolic acids helped limit their development and strengthen their death in a test tube investigation. It can be prevented with the help of bat nuts. 

Are bat nuts edible?

Have you ever thought about eating bat nuts? You should know exactly about it before you can conclude? Can you eat the bat nuts? The dark brown hard pods contain white starchy nuts. Bat nuts are crunchy in texture and mild in flavor and are usually fried with rice and vegetables. You can boil them in water and then peel off the black body with the help of a nutcracker, you will find white eating parts which are edible. The taste can be kind of musky. 

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After cooking, the dried seeds can also be ground into flour to make bread. Bat kernels should not be eaten raw as they contain toxins, but are neutralized when cooked. Some types of seeds are pickled or candied in honey and sugar. They must be stored in a small amount of water in the shade until spring planting. 

Wrapping up the context 

In this article, you come to know about the bat nuts and also their benefits. Water chestnut, also known as Chinese water chestnut, is a grass-like plant native to Asian countries such as China, India, the Philippines, and Japan. I hope this article will be helpful for you all. 


Can you gain weight by eating the bat nuts? 

Folks, are you worried about your weight? Do you think you can gain weight by eating them? No worries! Bat nuts do not increase the weight of an individual as it is a low-calorie fruit and contains no fat ingredients which might help you to lose weight. 

Do water chestnuts cause acidity? 

Are you worried about eating them? No worries! Folks, as we all know that excess of everything is bad. Though these chestnuts contain adequate antioxidants if you eat them in excess, they could drive you towards stomach problems or acidity. But if you eat them properly, you can maintain the hormonal cycle in your body. People eat them during the time of fasting. 

Where do bat nuts come from? 

Do you know about their existence and where they originated from? But nuts are found in the hot climatic areas of Africa and Eurasia. In these places, they grow their seeds for more than 3000 years. This fruit structure is similar to the head of a buffalo or a flying bat. 

Which one is better, singhara or kuttu? 

As we all know, the flour of singhara is made by grinding it whereas kuttu is a cereal. You can choose the one as per your choice, health-conscious people can go for singhara as it doesn’t contain any fat content. 

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